lead pastor

Jarvis and Jane love God, love people, and love life. They have four kids, Sawyer, Charlotte, Sadie, and Sullivan. They love spending time with family, restoring their house, and hanging out with friends and with their church family!



Dan and Brianna have been part of Watermark church from the beginning. They are talented and real. They bring an authentic worship to Watermark every Sunday. We are blessed by their hearts, their talent, and their ability to love people and build teams.


young adults, missions & lifegroups

Gabe and Marissa have been attending Watermark Church since September 2014. After volunteering for awhile they came on staff at Watermark to work with Young Adults, Lifegroups, and Missions. They are passionate about reaching people in Stillwater and around the world with The Gospel, and helping people grow in their relationships with God.


Care teams, host & finances

Richard and Eileen bring many tools to the table and years of ministry of experience. They will be one of the first people that greet you on a Sunday morning at Watermark. They host many of our events and they also love our community by chaplaincy. They work hard and love well.


Marked student ministries

Ben and Nicole lead our Student Ministries at Watermark Church. They provide weekly ministry events at our Watermark Hub on Wednesday Nights for all Junior High and Senior High students. They love hanging out with students and are leading the next generation well!

josh and sarah.jpg


Josh & Sarah lead our Kids’ Ministry at Watermark Church. They provide bi-weekly ministry events on Sunday mornings during our regular service and Wednesday evenings at our Watermark Church Hub. WatermarKids is for all kids ages K-5. Josh and Sarah love our kids at Watermark well and create a fun atmosphere for them to learn about God!