Stillwater is one of the first established towns and is considered the birthplace of Minnesota. It is just northeast of St. Paul on the St. Croix River. It is one of the prime tourist destinations in the state and is famous for the amazing natural beauty. The downtown Stillwater shops and restaurants, apple orchards, bed and breakfasts, famous festivals, and amazing river activities.  Many families are living in the area because of the great community. This is why we love this area.  We love the family feel and the way community is involved in all areas.

Our mission is to help develop true and healthy followers of Christ that are committed to reaching the Stillwater area with the Gospel.

Watermark church will be located in the heart of Stillwater at Stillwater Jr High (the former High school). We are really excited for this opportunity to have our service in the school so we can continue to build our relationship with the school district. Our vision is to Love, Grow, and Serve and we'll live this out in many different ways.